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Auditing of a research project that involves human subjects means a general check of the overall study process (e.g. Data Management, Monitoring, general development, inclusions, etc.).Upon request of a sponsor and/or investigator, CTCM can perform an audit for you. The Auditor checks whether the study is conducted according to the study protocol and other applicable legislation and regulations, such as the WMO and GCP. Most of the time, the investigator and/or sponsor already indicates some points of interest before the start of the Audit.

Since CTCM is an independent organisation, it is very suitable for performing an objective Audit. At the end of the audit process, all findings will be discussed with the investigator/sponsor and study team. Furthermore, an official Audit report will be created, in which all findings and recommendations are stated.

Please contact us via auditing.ctcm@mumc.nl or via our secretary for more information about this service!



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